Special Message on Closing the November-28 Community Outbreak Event; 22nd Anniversary of Win-win Policy; and Extraction of Cambodian First Drop of Crude Oil [Unofficial Translation]

My worship to holly Buddhist monks, nuns, dear compatriots. Today, I have some issues that I would like to address to you. As a start, I would like to take this opportunity to announce the end of the November-28 (Covid-19 community outbreak) event, which is also falling on today, the 22nd anniversary of the end…

A Special Message Briefing the Cambodian Compatriots on Covid-19 Latest Situation, Consideration of Vaccines, and Further Measures [Unofficial Translation]

A. Covid-19 Situation; November-28 Community Outbreak; Vaccine Strategy I would like to address the monks and compatriots on a number of issues after November 30, 2020, when I announced in Siem Reap regarding the status of the “November-28 Community (Infection) Events.” Days ago, I have been silent, and people could have seen me leading meetings…

Official Launch of Cash Transfer Program for Poor and Vulnerable Households during Covid-19

Samdech, Excellencies, Members of the Royal Government, Excellencies, Distinguished National and International Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, My Fellow Citizens, Today, I am delighted to preside over the official launch of the “Cash Transfer Program for Poor and Vulnerable Households during COVID-19”, which has been created by the Royal Government of Cambodia to assist the poor…

Selected off-the-cuff comments at Ministry of Interior’s 2019 Reviews and 2020-Directives Setting Conference [Unofficial Translation]

• […] Samdech Sar Kheng stressed on importance of implementing “village/commune safety.” I wanted it to be a national movement […] no crimes happened out of boundary of village, even central, provincial or communal levels, it started from the village […]

• […] 86% (of the Cambodian population have) trust in state management capacity, or confidence in the Cambodian People’s Party, so to speak, on issue of keeping peace and safety […] it is on this note that we must continue working […] on suppressing crimes […] alleviating fear among our people from robberies, thefts, drugs, and violence of all kinds […]

• […] (Listening) initially (to recommendation on finding and stripping off rights to drive, some may) think that Prime Minister punish people […] (in fact, doing this is for the sake of) defending drivers’ and other travellers’ lives […] after all, it is for safety of everyone […]

• […] There have been comments […] that it was a minor diplomatic dispute between Cambodia and Malaysia on this case of the 83 years old American lady […] it was not a dispute, I affirm. Cambodia seeks explanation only […] after being denied port of call everywhere, (allowing it to dock meant) Cambodia has fulfilled a humanitarian work […]

Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Closing of Annual Meeting of Ministry of Interior, 20 February 2020

Selected Impromptu Speech at the Ceremony to Transfer the Management of the Kruorsar Thmey Foundation Helping Disadvantaged Children to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport [Unofficial Translation]

24-25 Years of Involvement with Helping Disadvantaged Children Today I am so happy to be able to join with all of you once again on this occasion of transferring the management of the Kruosar Thmey Foundation Helping Disadvantaged Children (with blindness, mute and/or deaf) to the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport […] I wish…