Extensive Excerpt from Samdech Techo Hun Sen’s Inauguration Speech of National Road No. 7, a length of 93.64 km from the Tiger Roundabout to Romeat Commune, Kratie Province [Unofficial Translation]

China Helps with Connectivity to/in the Northeast Today, I am pleased to work with the Chinese Ambassador His Excellency Wang Wintian, Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Ladies and Gentlemen, and compatriots to inaugurate National Road No. 7, a length of 93 km long from the Tiger Roundabout to Romeat commune, Kratie province. A moment ago, His Excellency…

Remarks at the Opening of the 1st Asia-Europe Economic and Business Forum under the Theme “Transitioning to a New Normal: Leveraging Global Value Chains, Multilateralism and the 4th Industrial Revolution”

Excellencies, Luk Chumteav, Neak Oknha, Lok Oknha, Ladies and Gentlemen! First and foremost, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Excellencies, Lok Chumteav, and all businessmen and investors of Asia-Europe countries who are participating in the 1 st Asia-Europe Economic and Business Forum today. On behalf of the people and the Royal Government…

Remark at the Closing Ceremony of the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2021 Under the Theme “Building Our Sustainable Digital Future”

Your Majesty the Sultan, Excellencies Leaders of ASEAN Countries and Dialogue Partners; Siti Rozaimeriyanti Hj Abd Rahman, Chair of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council 2021; Haslina Taib, Chair of the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2021; Excellencies, Neak Oknha, Ladies and Gentlemen! First of all, I am delighted to deliver the keynote remarks at the…

Remarks at the Opening of the 18th China-ASEAN Expo, with the theme of “Sharing Opportunities Created by the New Land-Sea Corridor, Building the China-ASEAN Community with a Shared Future”

Excellency Leader of the People’s Republic of China; Excellencies Leaders of Participating Countries; Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen! Today, I am truly honoured to deliver my remarks at the opening session of the 18th China-ASEAN Expo with the theme “Sharing Opportunities Created by the New Land-Sea Corridor, Building the China-ASEAN Community with a Shared Future”. Certainly, this…

Special Message on Closing the November-28 Community Outbreak Event; 22nd Anniversary of Win-win Policy; and Extraction of Cambodian First Drop of Crude Oil [Unofficial Translation]

My worship to holly Buddhist monks, nuns, dear compatriots. Today, I have some issues that I would like to address to you. As a start, I would like to take this opportunity to announce the end of the November-28 (Covid-19 community outbreak) event, which is also falling on today, the 22nd anniversary of the end…

Selected Off-the-Cuff Speech to the Graduation of Education Inspectors, Teachers Trainers and Pedagogical Students [Unofficial Translation]

1 […] The Royal Government refocused (human resource) to the first angle (of the four priorities) two terms already. The fifth term RGC from 2013 through to 2018, we have rearranged order of priorities from “water/irrigation, roads, electricity, human resource” to “human resource, water/irrigation roads and electricity” […] budget allocation according to policies (means) we are preparing budget in accordance with focused priorities […] to have better human resource, training of teachers is the fundamental factor […]

2 […] we will continue to invest in education […] both in school construction and livelihood of teachers […] to look back briefly, we have made a rather fast step from where we were […] this is an era of technology economy, digital age, it requires us to make further efforts in human resource training […]

3 […] after the liberation from Pol Pot’s regime […] those who taught and those who were taught had had a knowledge gap between one or two classes […] we did everything we could to retrain our teachers […] as of now, the standard (of teachers’ training) is 12+2 (12 years of general education plus two years of pedagogical training). We will go for 12+4 in the near future […] almost every teachers recruited after the fall of Pol Pot’s regime went into retirement […]

4 […] I thank the government of the People’s Republic of China for taking care of the Cambodian students who are living there, including the 23 students in Wuhan. They are in good health. It is quite unimaginable that some bad people spread fake news that one of the students died. It was so unfortunate. Let me ask those who did this, what would they get in return from their fake news? They even fake news that I am sick (from) CoVid-19 […]

5 […] get back to MS Westerdam cruise ship […] I continue to pose this question that if Cambodia were to turn them away, what would be the fate of the over 2,000 passengers aboard the ship? I call that a humanitarian crisis on the Westerdam […] the majority of the Cambodian population supported this decision (to allow them in). Our partners and friends abroad and in international organization supported our humanitarian gestures. However, a group of people blamed us for bringing diseases into the country. Let me ask if anyone Cambodian infected (by this CoVid-19) […]

6 […] has anyone passenger/tourist staying in Cambodia been sick? None. We take high responsibility for wellbeing of our people and of passengers that we allowed to get off board. We have certified inspection of their health with the expertise of the Pasteur Institute, plus that of the World Health Organization (WHO) that was with us. As for what happened in Malaysia […] I think the WHO and the ship owner, as well as the Ministry of Health (of Cambodia) must find out with Malaysia […]

7 […] I have taken my responsibility as an implementer of humanitarian principle for citizens of other states/countries because we are member of the United Nations, of the World Health Organization […] it is a job that we should do, must do, and we have done it […]. It is a humanitarian obligation, a moral responsibility and solidarity to resolve regional and world challenges from CoVid-19 […]

Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Diploma Presenting Ceremony for Graduated Teachers and Teachers Trainers, 18 February 2020