Issue of 2% of Obligatory Recruitment of Disables in Public Work

As far as this matter of disables recruited for work in public institutions, I would urge the Minister of Social Affairs, Veteran and Youth Rehabilitation (MSAVYR) to discuss with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) on this. We have 190,000 government employees and 110,000 of them are teachers. (With regard to recruiting 2% of their staff from disables and 1% in private workplace) 2% of the 110,000 number is worth reconsidering. I urge the MSAVRY to bring this issue up with MEYS. Imagine if some disables have had to stand teaching. For other job functions, they would find something to fit them. They have their problems. One of my friends got amputated and is standing teaching with one leg. We do not want to see this.

So far, we have already treated it as exceptional for the Ministry of Royal Palace. Please work out between the two ministries. We cannot afford to give a figure but we could not realize it. In some schools, disable people have been recruited to teach Braille of course. However, it was mainly for the blind and deaf. We should think about this matter more seriously. Havind said that does not mean that every ministry could ask to be reprieved. We also do not want unrealistic figure. What I am talking today is more of a concern that I have for them to work as teachers. MEYS also has a small office staff. I would ask specifically, how many percent would MEYS go for providing jobs for disables?

Two Political Clarifications

Concerning the Release of Thai Veera Somkwamkid

I do not wish to talk politics today. I talked a lot already last week. However, there have been comments by radios and TVs that the release of Veera is a trading move for so and so number of Cambodian (illegal immigrants). There was no trading and the Thai side had it correctly – it was not a trading matter. From the Cambodian side, we released Veera and he was already in Bangkok. Some comments in the media could be annoying. The release is unconditional, I reaffirm. There would not be any condition for the release.

As long as there no new laws to replace, the existing ones are good

I have said this in Kompong Chhnang. I do not wish to reiterate. However, there have been some comments about legitimacy of Cambodia. Where does it lie? It lies in the fact that there is approval from HM the King. The case of Thailand has proved it. With approval of HM the Ling of Thailand, General Prayuth Chan O Cha can do the job of running the country. With regard to this I just wish to stress that as long as there are no new laws to replace, everything will go according to the existing laws. Everything will be as they are. With regard to the election law, if we do not have new laws to replace it. The existing one will go on. There would be in that case no need to talk much for the elections in 2018. It will happen on the fourth week of July.

Taking Imperative Measures to Protect Children

I also wish to bring up this issue here with MSAVYR concerning the punishments that occurred frequently lately on children. In Banteay Meanjei province, a Buddhist poured boiled water over a nine-year old kid as a form of punishment. Some asked to possess children from the orphanages to be part of their families. Under their cares, they could not go to school or worked as coolies. There have been various issues concerned. I see this as a form of exploitation and it must be prevented from happening. Aside from MSAVYR, all concerned institutions should participate in providing care to children of dead parents under all circumstances.

I am calling for immediate action and care provided for children in orphanages. If our ability to provide care could not reach a broader side, I would seek firm protection in the orphanages. It was in such concern that we had formulated a law to prevent transnational adoption. We also have to take preventive measure here, even though it is a national boundary adoption issue. Some may have adopted the children for future crimes like sexual misconduct or their organs access. It is a wild and complicated world. I am raining this matter here today because we have here almost all of the provincial governors./.