Excerpts from Off-the-Cuff Remarks at the Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the “Heritage of the Gospel” Event (1923-2023) Christianity in Cambodia [Unofficial Translation]

{Text} Along with the prepared speech, Samdech Techo made the off-the-cuff elaborations as followed:  “Thank you, peace, amen,” – in 98 days from today, we will head to the SEA Games in the Kingdom of Cambodia! [Elaboration 1] [..]. Thank you to all the Christians who have contributed to the preservation of peace and who…

Excerpt on special messages for the announcements of permission to hold weddings or religious ceremonies without limiting the number of people [unofficial Translation]

My thought and prayer to all venerable, The Board of Directors of Islam, the leaders of Christianity and other religions in the Kingdom of Cambodia and would like to inform our dear compatriots! (1) Consider the Size of Location, Large or Small, to Determine the Number of People Attending the Wedding, Plus Health Measures After…

Special Audio Message Related to the Situation of COVID-19 at the Pagodas During the Kan Ben Ceremony and the Upcoming Pchum Ben [Unofficial Translation]

Praying on behalf of both Buddhism sect Samdech Preah Sangkha Reach Samdech Preah Sang Neayouk, Samdech Preah Sang Neayyouk Rong, all respectful venerable Dear compatriots who are Buddhists! It is very unfortunate that today is the 4th day of Kan Ben that we did not celebrate the Kan Ben festival and the upcoming Pchum. The…

Selected Impromptu Speech at the Ceremony to Bless Newly Appointed Three Deputy Directors of Buddhist Monks [Unofficial Translation]

[…] Parishioners of the pagoda and Buddhism are participating in this showering ceremony for the three Buddhist monks deputy directors. This has clearly shown faith in Buddhism […]

[…] Stemming from peace, we have secure the present day situation. Buddhist monks can contribute to keeping peace […] because of protracted war, monks had been divided […] we should not let our country suffer division that will bring about devastating war […]

[…] State management demands us to secure racial and religious harmonization […] (having done so) there will be no national division. In some countries there have been religious conflicts. For our country, the good point is we do not have religious conflict […]

[…] This part of the country formerly belonged to Kandal province. Owing to speedy development, we included it (into Phnom Penh) […] once we have bridges built (we will) include Areykhsatr and Lovea Aem to Phnom Penh […] we have asked the Republic of Korea to build a bridge from Jroy Jangva to Areykhsatr and another one from National Road 1 at Kdey Takoy to Lovea Aem […] we are in the era of making efforts for development […]

Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Showering Ceremony for the Three Buddhist Monks Deputy Directors, 28 February 2020

Selected Off-the-Cuff Speech at the Inauguration of a Buddhist Temple and Achievements in Preah Indra Samakithor, and Showering in Bestowment of “Samdech” Titles for Two Deputy Directors of the Dhammayuttika Nikaya​​ [Unofficial Translation]

Samdech Maha Sangharaja (Supreme Patriarch) Teb Vong of Maha Nikaya and Samdech Maha Sangharaja Buor Kri of Dhammayuttika Nikaya of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Respected Samdech and venerable Buddhist monks, and dear compatriots. Carrying Out Event before Campaign Is Due […] (Along with the fact that I prefer to carry out Buddhist event on waxing…