Conceptual Misinterpretation of Culture of Dialogue

Let me now pick up a political issue, which is relating to deception of the truth. In Kuala Lumpur, after HE Sam Rainsy and I were present together at the Sangkranta Angkor 2015 and declared cofounders of the culture of dialogue, it appears that the majority of our population supports the move. HE Sam Rainsy sent me an SMS when I was in Jakarta. I did not receive his SMS right away as I was having a meeting with the Chinese President HE Xi Jinping. He asked me maybe it was a good idea to have a meeting with our compatriots in Kuala Lumpur since we both would be present there at the same time. I responded positively and was checking out for arrangement.

We conducted the meeting in two places. Firstly, Samdech Preah Anuch Arun Reasmey, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Malaysia, had organized a meeting with some 190 people. Secondly, HE Sam Rainsy also organized a get-together of some 100 people at a hotel where he could hire a place for the meeting. HE Sam Rainsy came out and received me as you all may have seen. HE Sam Rainsy and I worked out together some token of Khmer New Year bonus for 210 people, as I said, 190 of which have registered with the embassy and the rest were there because they learned it from Facebook. That definitely suggested that they are illegal migrant workers.

What has made thing complicate is that when I was proposing to all concerned to pursue no policy of revenge, some people have now made use of that proposition for their half-baked comments. Under my premiership, anyone can live together in peace. However, when someone else was to take the post of Prime Minister and mistreat me in anyway, there would be a heavy repelling force. The Phnom Penh Post in English, which I have it here, has this article with the title “Prime Minister Accepts CPP May Lose.” In addition to this, HE Kem Sokha gave a message in Takeo province that if the Cambodian National Rescue Party win, he will not seek revenge.

That was said on top of the psychological war of deceiving that CPP gets ready to lose. There has also propaganda that Prime Minister Hun Sen will not run for the next election. This is but a more dangerous remark. It is even more serious for HE Sam Rainsy. In the same paper it was written it seems that Sam Rainsy wishes to be part of the coalition government. HE Sam Rainsy never shows his intention to join a coalition government and I also do not need to have partners in the Royal Government too.

On April 25, HE Sam Rainsy sent me an SMS asking if he could meet me to say good bye during the day or at night.” I replied that Your Excellency and Madame could see me at 6:30pm at my room when I got out of the meeting. At 730pm, or about one hour and ten minutes later, we were in discussion on how to consolidate responsibility based on the principle of culture of dialogue. I said to HE Sam Rainsy that what HE Kem Sokha said in Kompong Chhnang was not positive. I told him that Kem Sokha was still making remark on dictatorship. I wish on this point for them to remember my words at the opening of Sangkranta Angkor where I mentioned that all eleven footballers must play according to the rule. I could not afford to have nine playing by the rule and two kicking other’s feet.

It was clear that I intended to send a message about HE Kem Sokha. I think it is now time for HE Sam Rainsy to make a choice whether or not to continue the culture of dialogue. I have the feeling that HE Sam Rainsy and his wife were so determined to the culture of dialogue. We had plenty to exchange on issues of what could be difficult and easy to carry out and to discuss on internal politics and foreign policy as well as national defense. My point is we must end the politics of fish eating ants when water floods and ants eating fish when water recedes. It happened in history of Cambodia and every time there was a new winner, the losing side always was faced with revenge. Let us remember one Chinese sentence in a movie – the winner will be king while the loser becomes thief.

On April 9, while walking into the National Assembly hall for the election of the National Election Committee members, HE Nguon Nhel could be our witness, HE Kem Sokha and I shook hands. I asked him right away “please let me ask you, what did you mean when you said “step down, if no step down, let put a stair to step down, or otherwise shake to fall down.” HE Kem Sokha responded that he always mentioned in the end with the term ‘non-violence.’ I probed “does shaking to fall one down is non-violence?” I said it was just an excuse you are making. I also said it was lucky that he did not do it, if he were to do so it could have been his end already. Samdech Heng Samrin was also there. Let me tell the whole country how could they think of overthrowing the legitimate Royal Government as they please?

I Will Dance the Rhythm

Look at Egypt. They sentenced the former President to twenty years in prison for just one case. They tried and sentenced to death many demonstrators. Why Egypt could do that? Why Cambodia could not? There should not be any confusion on this point. As for the armed forces and civil administration, neutrality must be observed in conflict between political parties. When it comes to confrontation between the Royal Government on one side and political parties on the other, neutrality does not apply here. The armed forces are to defend the Constitution and the legitimate Royal Government.

This happened when HE Sam Rainsy and I were not in the country and we have no means to give clarification on it. I doubt if you young people are pursuing seriously your professional career. You should be more responsible with what you say. Hun Sen has said one thing. Everyone hears and sees original audio and VDO. What do people make of it when you write it otherwise? Do you feel ashamed when your comments has been compared and proved to have gone astray to the original idea?

Let me send a message to HE Sam Rainsy and there is no need to send him an SMS. I openly send my message that I will dance the rhythm – slow, Madison, Ramvong, Saravan, etc. I will accompany the tune. I need the culture of dialogue. I requested for support to HE Sam Rainsy. The Cambodian People’s Party instructed its local offices already. Has the CNRP instructed their local offices officially yet? I will not accept that. I want all eleven footballers to play according to the rule. I do not accept that HE Kem Sokha kick my feet. Politicians should be serious. I already made it clear to concerned people that democracy does not have to be one that people scold and treat each other with hostility. We need to have a dialogue for our country to see progress and it is not difficult to do on my side.

CPP Prime Minister’s Candidacy – a Done Deal

Today I wish to also send another message. There have been some suspicions on whether or not Hun Sen will run for the next term of office. This has started when in late January and early February, the CPP congress did not mention anywhere in its resolution on Prime Minister’s candidacy. What is the reason? It is simple. I was the presiding person of the congress. I led the congress. I told the congress members not to bring up this issue of (Hun Sen being the candidate for) the post of Prime Minister again. We had other issue to listen to instead. The fact that I said so was because the issue of Prime Minister’s candidacy is a done deal one. Previous resolutions and declarations of Samdech Chea Sim and Samdech Heng Samrin already stated their supports for the candidacy of Samdech Techo Hun Sen as the candidate of the fifth legislative term of the National Assembly and following terms to come.

It is in this note that I must have your attention that Hun Sen is holding the post of Prime Minister in the fifth legislative term of the National Assembly and will run for the sixth term too. And the Cambodian People’s Party will win again. The reason is simple, when the Cambodian People’s Party wins and leads the country, everyone live in peace altogether. There is no war to run from and to flee. The change in 1970s after the overthrow of Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk put the whole country into the flame of war. So, the CPP candidacy for the sixth legislative term of the National Assembly will also be Hun Sen. No one is to replace this. The Cambodian People’s Party has been in power for 36 years. They learn how to keep solidarity and they do not dispute over power.

In the most difficult stage in 1980s, when I first started land and political reform, and the country was in the mood for negotiation, I told that I needed to change the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and National Defense. The reason was the two ministers did not support the course of negotiation. That was the reason why I replaced Koy Buntha with Tia Banh. I took over Foreign Minister’s position in addition to being Prime Minister to conduct negotiation. As of now, there is a political consensus in the CPP. I urge you not to wait for a gain from division of the CPP. Samdech Krom Preah Norodom Ranaridh said to me directly a while ago that it was said times and again that CPP was in conflict of division but it was unimaginable that the division did in fact happened in Funcinpec. He said that in the Royal Palace. He said people sent him news that the Cambodian People’s Party would soon crush for division. While in fact, Funcinpec divided into many factions.

It will be infertile to wait for such development. I must add that in case Samdech Chea Sim, who we wish to live longer, stay as head of the Party and the Senate, though he could not perform fully duty, pass away, the one to be the President of the CPP will be Hun Sen, who only needs to be voted in. Even if Hun Sen is not yet the president of the party, he has been the CPP’s de facto leader all along. The one to take over the Senate Presidency will be HE Say Chhum. Let me tell in advance. The Cambodian People’s Party will not fight for power among themselves. I do not have the habit of running away from my people. I never ran away from the party. I will not change my name even when I die and will not change my family name when I am alive.

On what ground did he base to say he wins? How could he send me a message he will not take revenge? As for me as long as the people vote for me I will go on. There is no need to mention about this law to defend the previous generation. It would discredit us. HE Sam Rainsy proposed to me twice but I disagreed for it would devalue us. We did not do any mistake to need such law to protect us. Now you do as you wish and I am of the opinion that your action will lead to civil war. I am calling on all CPP members and people who support it to rest assured that Hun Sen will run for office in 2018. How could he be so certain that he would win? You have won this many only after you joined together. Otherwise you won only three seats last time. The Cambodian People’s Party, despites its loss of some seats, is still the winning party. I must warn you for the politics of shaking to drop or fall.

Now I wish to see the reciprocal official instruction (on the culture of dialogue) of the CNRP to its local offices throughout the country. It is the culture that will ensure its success only with the participation of all levels from the National Assembly, the Senate, provinces, communes and people. We do not wish to have this situation where a village is split into two or three factions. We must stop this politics of coloring one another. The past lessons show us how destructive it could do to the country and people. Both people inside and outside the country, you will receive reciprocation for your good collaborative manner. You will get strong repelling force when you hit me.

A foreign ambassador told my sons that if four or five people jumped into the Council of Ministers, please do not open fire yet. My sons told him that they had orders as soon as they touched on state institutions and officials the code red is there. Generals Pol Saroeun, Sao Sokha and Net Savoern will take actions. Those leading the moves would be arrested. Remember we are talking about the legal state power here./.