In addition to the prepared text, Samdech Techo Hun Sen made some comments that are selected and translated here followed:

Private Physicians

We should do more work to strengthen healthcare at the local level, where the state and private physicians are providing services altogether. The case of the village of Rokar is concerned, I think it is a big problem as far as administering and management of physicians that are spread throughout the county is concerned. In the beginning I could not pull myself to believe what happened. How come HIV/AIDS could spread to hundreds of people? After we have conducted thorough research, I come to a conclusion that it is a big issue.

While working hard on this issue by our health and related institutions, we also call on our people to take precaution and advice on the sort of health service they are receiving. There has been this case in Cambodia that our people always appreciate injection more that taking pills. They think it will do them quicker cure. This has required concerned institutions to understand the issue and pay attention in resolving the matter.

The Case of Rokar Takes a Generation to Deal

Whatever happened at the village of Rokar (Battambang), as I said at the meeting of the National Council for Women, we will need to keep on resolving the matter and it may take us a human generation to do so. I am saying that because for instance in a family of six and four are now HIV/AIDS infected, it calls on serious measure to prevent HIV carriers from spreading to other place. This requires a strict measure and planning. We may have to go into micro-level issue like in their ages of two, at one point in life they would need to get married and that could not be allowed.

People should go for proper medical service. I am calling them to trust in medicine and service provided by properly trained medical staff. As far as the case of Rokar is concerned it seemed that people were seeking the practitioner’s service. I also call on women with pregnancy to seek proper medical attendance. We must make sure that medical service provided by private and state are safe and qualified. We cannot afford for our people to waste their money and to risk their lives. I am calling for a plan that will last for at least a human generation.

Medical Staff and Armed Forces – Sacrifices for Others

Medical staff is indeed a devoting job. If we compare to other officials, while they have time for rest, medical staff have had to be on duty. Some women would not want to be married to physicians. It is likewise for men. They have got to be on duty even at time of holiday. They sacrifice own time to help people. The armed forces too, while we are taking a nice good rest, the armed forces are standing under heat and rain to protect us. I am taking this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for their sacrifices./.