In addition to the prepared text at the Annual Review Conference of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for the 2013/14 and Directive Setting for 2014/15, Samdech Techo made some of the extempore comments:

Students with Mentions D or E Can Study Medicine

Though the conference had not discussed this topic and the Royal Government has yet to issue a letter of notification, I have one matter to bring to your attention. I just consulted with concerned institutions on this issue of getting permission to study medicine. Previously, we had set a ceiling that only graduates of A, B and C mentions of the secondary school would be allowed to study medicine. Those with E and D would not. In the context of reform relating to exam taking by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, where exam will be conducted in a strict manner, from now on, we will offer chance for students who would get a D or an E in their mentions to go on to medicine too. Let me affirm, this will apply only with those passed the exam in 2014 and later.

Senior secondary school students who passed the exam and re-exam in 2014 – from mention A, B, C, D to E will be allowed to do so. We will allow, in addition to mention D and E students to also take the entry exam for medicine. As you can see what interaction we have. When we conduct reform in education, repercussion has its effect on other sectors. We cannot ensure a good training of human resource if we do not strengthen education. The faculty of medicine dare not accept low or non-qualified students. Those of you who would like to study medicine must make efforts to pass the exam. When we make sure they have a tough exam at the secondary level education, students will make efforts from lower level.

Fully Qualified Education System

Measures taken by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, though some students might have been dissatisfied, will strengthen and ensure Cambodia to have a fully qualified education system. We will have to change this status that some Ph D graduates in Cambodia do not acquire the level of education they should. We are aiming to put an end to Ph D from abroad and local learning institutions. This issue must be brought up with special attention, as Cambodia is not a country standing alone but in connectivity and integration with countries in the region, sub-region and world. The other day I followed up the vote on best teachers in Dubai from Tokyo. I voted for Neang Phalla, Cambodian candidate for global teacher prize, from there.

They already invited (Bill) Clinton. That explained the candidate from the US was elected. It seemed we were there just to be there and someone had already been elected. However, Ms Neang Phalla did pretty well to get through to one of the top ten candidates. I am happy for her there. I would be happy even if she did not go up to the top ten. Yesterday, without our knowledge, Siem Reap was voted as the number 1 town in Asia and number 2 in the world for tourists’ attraction.

Best School Directors and Teachers

From this year on, every year we will choose three directors to receive awards of best school directors and five teachers to be bestowed as best teachers. May Mr. Ping Kim Chheng, Pal Sovann and An Lim Kheng present themselves? They are the three best school directors to get the awards today. May the five best teachers – Ms Toch Bandol, Ms Ngao Sophi, Mr. Hai Pahin, Mr. Ros Ravuth and Mr. Chey Sokha – present themselves? We need a contest in area of human resource training. This will help ensure firmness of the country and achievement of knowledge to develop its socio-economy./.